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Below is a list of projects I've worked on, or are currently working on.


USBRemote is a USB infrared remote receiver designed to work with your computer. The hardware and software is open source, as well as heavily documented, making it easy to build your own and understand exactly how it works.


Doorman is an RFID door entry control system powered by an AVR microcontroller. Server side management is meant to run on a raspberry pi, but can run on any linux based system.

Doorman on Github


libavrxbee is a library for the Atmel AVR line of MCU's for working with Digi XBee radio modules.

libavrxbee on Github


probemon is a command line tool used to monitor and log 802.11 probe frames. Probe frames are emitted from WiFi enabled devices when they are searching for an active network to connect to.

probemon on Github


avremote is a home brewed infrared remote for controlling your computer. I use my desktop Ubuntu machine to watch Netflix while in bed, and I got sick of getting up to change volume, pause, etc. It includes a python script to read the commands recieved from the remote and emulate mouse clicks, modulate volume, and more. It does not properly decode the infrared signals, but does get the job done. It will eventually be replaced by usbremote.

avremote on Github


rollingcsv is a small Go package for writing data to CSV files in a rolling fashion. Limits can be set on a row count or byte size. Useful when you have a maximum limit on rows or size of a CSV file.

rollingcsv on Github